New TrackVia Mobile Dashboards!


Happy New Year from the mobile workforce at TrackVia! We’re kicking this year off with a bold change to the center of our mobile experience… new dashboards!

There are a few reasons why we think you’re going to love the updates to TrackVia mobile dashboards:

  1. Dashboards are going to load much faster.
  2. We have added support for our upcoming ‘shortcuts’ release (SPOILER ALERT!)
  3. We’ve simplified the navigation (iOS) and made the dashboards easier to read.
  4. And did we mention your dashboards are going to be faster?

New mobile dashboards in action

Speed is really at the center of this release. The feedback we were hearing from users was that even though the app is already pretty responsive, loading dashboards needed to be faster. Take a look at the before and after:


As you can see, the previous presentation of dashboards showed previews of data, and was limited to presenting just four items. Initially, we thought that it would be helpful to give a preview of the information in the table. What we learned from you was, while this information was helpful,  it wasn’t worth the wait, because you were just going to tap into the data anyway. So as you can see on the right, we’ve optimized around reading the titles of the views, coupled with an icon to alert you to whether the data is a grid, chart, map or form. Not only does this ‘pop’ when you load the dashboard, but it also allows you to see additional resources (more than four!) that you might have on a dashboard.

We hope you enjoy the speediness of your new dashboards, and if you do, let us know! As always you can reach us at


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