Making a Difference for Organ Donation Organizations

Making a Difference for Organ Donation Organizations

April is National Donate Life Month — created to celebrate lives saved through donation and to encourage people to register as an organ, eye, or tissue donor.

At TrackVia, we are in full celebration mode as we’ve learned a lot about organ donation through the process of helping Organ Donation Organizations (OPOs) digitize their operations. Facilitating organ donations is highly time sensitive and relies on a coordinated team of employees. Strong communication and documentation between these teams is imperative as they collect important data, comply with ever-changing regulations, and ensure up-to-date training and certification.

As you can imagine, managing all of this is process heavy. Unfortunately, many OPOs rely on time intensive manual processes. For example, Lifeline of Ohio and LifeCenter were experiencing difficulties due to manual processes that relied on paper-based forms, spreadsheets, emails, and phone calls. These processes made the formal documentation for quality standards and regulations a challenge and increased the risk of data errors, loss of time, complaints, and compliance issues.

Lifeline of Ohio and LifeCenter sought a solution that could accomplish two main objectives: (1) increase the speed and quality of the donation process, and (2) improve reporting for regulatory compliance, particularly related to communication, donation documentation, training, and certification.

With TrackVia, Lifeline of Ohio and LifeCenter were able to build custom workflow apps that allows their employees to do their work much more accurately and efficiently. For example, coordinators now use their mobile devices to capture data rather than write on paper forms and then have to enter that data into spreadsheets after-hours. The data is directly fed into their central databases, allowing managers and directors to work with real-time information. Other features, such as alerts, are also sent to office staff in real-time when donations are completed or training certifications are done.

Overall, Lifeline of Ohio and LifeCenter report an 80% time savings for data collection, program management, and reporting. They also report an increase in data accuracy. Both are fantastic accomplishments for any industry. And yet, with timeliness and accuracy being so important for organ donation, we are filled with joy knowing we can help those who make such a big difference in people’s lives.

In this spirit and that of National Donate Life Month, TrackVia will make a donation to this important cause. We hope you will join us in supporting such a worthy cause.

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