At TrackVia, we pride ourselves on the fact that you don’t need a ton of training to get started building apps. Native tools like the import wizard and FasTrack make it easy to get your first application underway by uploading existing spreadsheets or physical forms.

However, we also know that many of our customers want to build more robust, complex, enterprise-wide applications that need more customization. Learning how to effectively build these types of applications does take some time and effort. But don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! TrackVia University has comprehensive on-demand and instructor-led curriculums to help anyone, not just IT developers, learn how to use the TrackVia platform to build world-class applications.

In an effort to recognize the exceptional work of those folks who have dedicated their time to learning the platform through TrackVia University, put their new skills to use within their organizations, and given back to the larger TrackVia community by sharing their knowledge, we’ve decided to implement an annual TrackVia University Valedictorian award! If you’re like me and didn’t win the Valedictorian award in high school, maybe it’s time for redemption!

How to Become the Valedictorian
Any TrackVia admin can apply for being the Valedictorian as long as they have completed the TrackVia University Level 3 application building course and passed the expert administrator exam.

We will then look for how your education and training have helped you make an impact on your company or organization. If you’ve applied what you’ve learned, we believe you’ve been able to make significant contributions to your teams and produce savings that you may not have been able to before. We’d want to know more about how you’ve been able to help move your organization forward.

Finally, we will look at your participation within the TrackVia admin community. Have you posted questions or answers in the Knowledge Base to help others? Did you participate in a webinar or an event with TrackVia or tell about what TrackVia has helped you do? Have you participated in a use case or blog piece that would help other TrackVia customers or potential prospects?

We’ll take all of these things into consideration and select the most qualified administrator to be that year’s Valedictorian.

What does the Valedictorian receive?
Rewards will likely change year to year, but the Valedictorian will always receive 4 things:

  • Something that benefits them (like a gift card or a donation to a charity)
  • Something that recognizes their achievement (like a plaque or the option to be featured in a webinar)
  • Something that benefits their organization (like a free instructor-led training)
  • And of course, bragging rights!

If you’d like to apply to be the next TrackVia Valedictorian, click HERE!

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