Hello (Again) World! The TrackVia Renaissance Begins


Most new blogs start with the subject line, “Hello World!” Technically speaking, this isn’t our first Blog post, but it is the first new post on our brand new website, and hopefully the first in a series of new posts aimed at helping business users “Do More” and “Do Better”.

Although TrackVia has been around for a few years, we’re currently undergoing a renaissance of sorts. For starters, the company hired a new CEO named Pete Khanna. Pete infuses TrackVia with a wealth of executive experience, having most recently served as President of email and web security vendor MX Logic, which was acquired by McAfee in 2009.

To describe Pete as an energetic leader is an understatement. Since he has been onboard, Pete has already led the launch of TrackVia’s new user interface, a dashboard-based navigation system that makes it easy for business professionals to track workflow. Moving forward, he plans to triple the size of the company during the next year and continue to shape the strategic vision of TrackVia.


With Pete at the helm, the company has outlined a much broader, grander vision for its future. While it’s easiest to describe TrackVia as an “online database”, when you take a step back and consider all its features and attributes, you quickly realize it’s much, much more. Just ask any of our 650 loyal customers who rely on it for everything from CRM and support call tracking to inventory tracking or workflow management.

At its core, TrackVia represents a bold new way of developing and using software at work. Instead of relying on third-party software or solutions to build solutions to do our daily work, TrackVia empowers the end users to design applications that work exactly the way they do. And best of all, you don’t need to be a technology wizard or programmer to do it. Industry analysts recently coined the term “citizen developers”, describing a new generation of business users who go out and find or build business solutions themselves versus relying on IT to provide them with generic solutions. In fact, Gartner predicts these citizen developers will account for nearly 25% of all business software by 2014.

In our humble opinion, we think TrackVia is really the poster-child technology for this citizen developer movement. In fact, our new CEO likes to describe a world in the not-so-distant future when a new employee shows up on their first day, and is handed a network login (for security), an email account (for communication) and a TrackVia log-in for their day-to-day work.

We think that sounds pretty exciting.


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