Fly Through Work with TrackVia

Fly Through Work with TrackVia

Business today moves fast — requiring you to also pick up speed. However, speed is a tall order considering most employees are moving as fast as they can with the tools they have. So, what then can be done? Simple — change the tools.

That’s the aim of TrackVia — to allow employees like you to build custom workflow apps in order to get work done faster and with fewer errors. Whether it’s collecting data in the field or reviewing reports to make important decisions, TrackVia helps people Fly Through Work.

We at TrackVia never lose sight of this goal and today we’re proud to announce our Summer 2018 Product Launch featuring a number of additional enterprise capabilities that will further your ability to Fly Through Work. Let’s review each.

Automate processes to streamline work and minimize training. TrackVia Flows is a powerful tool built to help you streamline workflow processes and everyday tasks for your end users. In fact, the theme of our product launch, Fly Through Work, came from a customer whose end users utilize Flows to drastically reduced the amount of time it was taking them to do their job. Flows reduces work-time by allowing you to specify the order an end user should follow for filling in data or performing tasks. Moreover, as an admin, you can build Flows with drag and drop ease, so you can roll out each process quickly and efficiently.

Keep processes flowing as you test drive changes in a safe environment. Trying to make changes to your app in production is like trying to change a tire on a car while driving. That being the reality, one of the biggest enhancements we worked on this year was developing a way for you to safely try out changes to your apps without impacting your users. With TrackVia’s new Sandbox feature, you can now test and try app changes in a separate, safe environment, without having to disrupt anything that is happening in production.

Reduce or eliminate manual import / export steps. Manual imports and exports of data from other systems are time consuming drains on productivity. TrackVia makes it extremely easy to connect TrackVia with your other systems, ensuring that data is consistent and up to date at all times without the need for manual importing and exporting. Adding to its growing list of integrations, TrackVia has released Tableau and Viewpoint integrations. For example, TrackVia now allows admins to collect and analyze data and then send it to Tableau for additional visual reporting.

Gain one-click access to your apps. TrackVia’s support for Single Sign-On (SSO) means you and your users don’t need to remember and manage yet another username and password. Instead, once you’ve logged into your work email, you can simply open TrackVia with one click. SSO also gives administrators better access control to TrackVia.

Sail through IT security approvals. For our enterprise customers, we’ve developed a number of features to help the inevitable conversations you’ll need to have with your internal IT staff. IT organizations are busy — not only do they need to support critical business infrastructure, they have to make sure systems are secure and compliant with the law. TrackVia already supports a multitude of secure, compliant deployments for HIPAA, GOV, and private environments. Now, as part of our Summer 2018 Product Launch features,TrackVia supports whitelisting of IPs, password policies, and session timeout options for the strictest of security policies — allowing you to fly through IT approvals!

Work anywhere, even when you’re offline. Whether you’re working in the field, or deep in a warehouse, the last thing you want to worry about is if your phone or tablet has connectivity to get work done. Thankfully, TrackVia apps work without an internet connection. With our offline capability you can do your work as normal, such as create records, edit drafts, enter data, etc. When you’re back online, TrackVia will automatically sync your data. You’ll never have to worry about needing an internet connection to do your work again.

TrackVia Sandbox, Flows, integrations, SSO, IT security enhancements, and working offline — all of these features in our Summer 2018 Product Launch help you Fly Through Work. When you and your users are more productive and efficient, it results in better on-time performance and cost savings for your business.

Fly Through Work with TrackVia
Read more about the Summer 2018 Product Launch and watch the Launch Webinar, presented by Walker Fenton, VP of Product.

We’d like to hear from you. How do you envision using these new TrackVia features?


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