Set Fields to Required on a Form in TrackVia


With TrackVia’s latest upgrade to forms, Process Engineers and Quality Managers can configure even more complex workflows with just a few clicks.  

By setting fields to required on a form rather than a table, the administrator can make sure specific roles fill in specific data, while others do not. Check out the example below:


Green Boy Corporation produces lawn mower parts for an OEM. The company’s technicians alert managers to quality issues that can eventually be escalated into the plant’s corrective action process. Because Green Boy’s technicians collect quality data using TrackVia, any issues with poor quality can be submitted directly to managers.

Sometimes managers themselves report issues that were mentioned to them in passing by technicians. It is paramount that when a manager submits a Corrective Action Request (CAR) on behalf of a technician, they identify the technician that submitted the request. Green Boy Corporation’s TrackVia administrator configured a workflow specifically for its managers, whereby the “Reporting Technician” field on a manager’s CAR form is required to be filled out. In contrast, the same field is not required to be completed on a technician’s form.

Quality Managers and Process Engineers are able to guarantee that the right information is captured by the right person, every time. Questions? Our TrackVia Support team is here to help! Tweet us @trackviasupport or visit our Customer Knowledge Base at