TrackVia recognized as a Best Place to Work by Outside Magazine


I’ve worked for both large and small companies in my career, and I can confidently say TrackVia is hands down one of the best places I have ever worked. What’s even more exciting is that Outside Magazine has also recognized TrackVia on its Best Places to Work list… and they’ve done it for two years in a row!

Why is Outside’s ‘Best Places to Work’ such a big deal?

The annual list recognizes innovative companies that are setting a new standard for a healthy work-life balance. The selection process includes a confidential employee-satisfaction survey, as well as information about benefits, compensation, policies, job satisfaction, environmental initiatives, and community outreach programs. Then the experts at the Best Companies Group evaluate the results to identify the companies that ‘best enable employees to pursue active lifestyles while also supporting their social and environmental contributions’.

A few reasons why TrackVia is a great place to work…

The perks

Whether it’s TrackVia’s employee-managed time-off policy, the generous healthcare benefits, or other perks like employee stock options and subsidized gym memberships, we have it pretty good. The casual dress code, free-lunch Fridays and after-work get-togethers aren’t half bad either.

But as I have learned in my career, all of the perks in the world still can’t make a company a best place to work. It takes great people and awesome company culture.

The people
Not only do I have the chance to work with some very smart people every day, but my coworkers are also some of the most fun and happy folks you’ll ever meet. One of the things that most impressed me the first time I stepped foot in TrackVia headquarters was that employees seemed like they really wanted to be here. That’s not a vibe a company can artificially manufacture.

Our office environment is collaborative and honest. Once a week, we host an all-company meeting where our team members share announcements and ideas, as well as celebrate the rock-star efforts of individuals.

Our CEO and fearless leader, Pete Khanna, also stays close to the action. Whether it’s working in the trenches alongside the team, or honoring core company values, Pete embodies the TrackVia culture.

The passion
Smart companies know that having happy, passionate employees in the office also means cultivating that passion outside the office. TrackVia awards a $500 Passion Scholarship annually to employees so they can pursue non-work related activities like skiing, cycling, cooking or travel.

I’m thrilled to be a part of the team at TrackVia and continue to be impressed at the professional opportunities this company provides for its employees.


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