TrackVia Has Much to Be Thankful For…


I love Thanksgiving. The food. The family. The football! But above all else, I love Thanksgiving because it’s a great reminder to pause, reflect and give thanks. We at TrackVia have a lot to be thankful for this year.

For starters, I’m convinced that we have the world’s greatest customers. I won’t name names. You know who you are. You work for companies large and small from all over the world. You work in automotive, healthcare, real estate, financial services and more. You represent nearly every organizational department, including sales and marketing, finance, operations, Information Services, HR and even the C-level management suite. All our customers – both new and old – have been supportive, optimistic, patient and loyal through thick and thin. For that, we are very thankful.

Then we have our employees. The most loyal, hardworking and intelligent bunch of people you’re ever likely to meet. I’m thankful for your spirit and your passion, which you display not only in “what” you do everyday, but also in “how” you do it. Professional skills, education, and qualifications aside, each and every one of TrackVia’s employees are just plain good people. You’re as nice and kind as you are smart and talented. Best of all, it’s always a team effort. You support one another. You help one another. And you cheer on one another to do even better. And that is pretty darn cool to be part of.

I’m also thankful for reaching several exciting company milestones and achievements this past year. We were named #22 on Outside Magazine’s list of “Best Places to Work” in the US. Both Colorado and the city of Denver recognized TrackVia as one of the fastest-growing and most exciting technology companies around. And TrackVia continues to earn accolades and awards from press, analyst and industry experts from around the world.

It’s difficult to imagine being any more thankful next year. But the goals and plans we’ve set over the next 12 months are simply too exciting not to begin imaging just where TrackVia will be next year. As we like to say around here at TrackVia, “Just wait, the best is yet to come.”

Happy Thanksgiving.


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