TrackVia Application Platform Revolutionizes Business Apps


New Version of Do-It-Yourself Application Platform Empowers Business
People to Build Their Own Custom Applications with Clicks Not Code

DENVER, CO (January 30, 2014) – For the millions of business people who are frustrated and tired of using bloated, overpriced enterprise applications or surrendering to simple spreadsheets, TrackVia today formally unveiled a new version of its do-it-yourself application platform that allows business users to build their own customized department application in minutes with drag-and-drop ease.

Featuring a streamlined user interface and set-up process, the new version allows users to build their own department applications by dragging-and-dropping spreadsheets into TrackVia. Within seconds, TrackVia transforms the spreadsheet into a powerful business application complete with easy data input forms, mobile features, interactive reporting and dashboards, work flow automation and enterprise-grade security and user-permission features. Users can also build custom department application from scratch, following the easy set-up guide.

“Today’s tech-savvy business users are accustomed to using technology in all aspects of their lives. They expect to have technology within their workplace that enables them to solve their everyday department needs and provides value to their business,” said Pete Khanna, CEO at TrackVia. “Who better to build their business applications than the people who use it everyday to do their job? TrackVia empowers business people to finally build applications that work the way they want, in minutes not months and with clicks, not code.”

More than 2,500 businesses, including small business and enterprises such as Navistar, NBC Universal and The North Face, use TrackVia to take control of their business and department applications. TrackVia is commonly used to build custom applications to track and manage sales, marketing, assets, vendors, customer support, HR, product management and even specialized applications for industries such as health care, real estate, automotive, hospitality and more. Many customers have deployed TrackVia as their internal application platform, allowing their IT departments to consolidate, secure and integrate all their department applications in one place, while cutting software costs by as much as 80 percent over isolated point solutions.


TrackVia provides the same features and benefits of other Software-as-a-Service applications – including no set-up fees, predictable capital costs, scalability, reliability and security – along with added benefits that include:

  • Faster Speed to Solution: The new TrackVia application platform allows non-technical business people to design, build and deploy secure, enterprise-grade apps in minutes. The average TrackVia customer typically deploys and starts using their apps within days.
  • Tailor-Made Applications: Rather than changing processes or work habits around applications, TrackVia allows business people to customize their applications to follow their internal workflow and processes, increasing productivity and saving time.
  • Mobile Applications in Minutes: Using TrackVia, users can instantly build mobile applications by simply dragging-and-dropping spreadsheets into TrackVia. A free iPad app also allows users to easily collect and access data from a mobile tablet device, capturing photos, scanning bar codes and even adding hand-written notes to records.
  • IT Certified: Although designed for business people, TrackVia gives IT departments a centralized, secure application platform that provides cross-department reporting, centralized IT management, and a single, standardized solution that simplifies management and end-user support.


TrackVia is a do-it-yourself application platform for business users. We empower people to quickly build custom apps to run their departments or their entire business with no programming required. We refer to building apps with clicks not code and deploying apps in days not months. These apps are tailored exactly to your business needs and are a fraction of the cost of heavier enterprise apps. More than 2,500 businesses in 15 countries rely on TrackVia.  Join the citizen developer revolution at


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