Business Intelligence Tools in New TrackVia Release


One of the best things about my role here at TrackVia is thinking of ways to make our users’ day-to-day jobs easier; mine included. I’m particularly excited about the new business intelligence reporting package that we rolled out to TrackVia Express today. The problem businesses are facing is how to make their data tell a story. It’s painful to muddle through “flat” data tables and pie charts; sifting, sorting, and charting… rinse and repeat. You spend hours crunching and reducing the data to find something meaningful. If you’ve ever used pivot tables in Excel you get the idea (think about it, “pivot” means spinning around in circles!). But our new Summary Reports are amazing. The crunching and sifting is done behind the scenes. All I need to do is click on the data I want to analyze and… BOOM! Answers.

The new Summary Reports in TrackVia point out patterns in real-time in your data and use that business intelligence to make informed decisions. They come in the form of interactive visualizations I can drill into or data table summaries; let’s call them “pivot-less” tables.

Need a sales pipeline report showing the total project value broken out for the rest of the year, grouped by month? Do you want each of those monthly subtotals broken out by the sales person who sold it, along with the individual projects that make up that sales person’s pipeline? TrackVia Express does that. Try that with a flat spreadsheet! (Pivot, pivot, pivot…)


I’m a Product Manager, so in my case I wanted to see a breakdown of how many features vs. bugs we completed last year, broken out by development sprint (an Agile term), level of effort, and Dev team. I need to plan for the new year. After a couple of clicks, done. I now know how long it takes to do bits of work and can now plan accordingly.

Do you manage a customer support team? Wouldn’t it be helpful to know the open duration of a support ticket above or below the average open duration of all other support tickets in the system? TrackVia’s business intelligence can show you these numbers.

Let’s say you manage reporting for an oil producer and you need show the sum of maintenance costs for all of your oil rigs, categorized by the oil field each rig is in and how long ago maintenance was last performed. TrackVia business intelligence can provide that data right now… and in a pie chart, should you desire. Your boss will love it.


TrackVia Express business intelligence highlights:

  • Make informed decisions in minutes, rather than spending hours fiddling with spreadsheets
  • Easily switch between numerous data visualizations to get exactly the insight needed to understand patterns in critical business data
  • Create informative charts and graphs for executive dashboard reporting
  • Reduce mountains of data to simple-to-read reports
  • Leave pivot tables behind and roll up data into reports anyone can create, use and understand


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