Things Business Owners Should Know When Making the Switch to Cloud Services


As the security of cloud computing services continues to improve, more businesses have begun adopting the technology.

According to a survey conducted by Google, 96 percent of CFOs answered that “cloud computing provides their business with quantifiable benefits.” The survey polled 800 CFOs and financial executives at U.S. and European companies with 500-plus employees.

With the reliance on the cloud increasing among businesses, this begs the question: what are the essentials business owners should know and consider before shifting their online databases to the cloud?

On Tuesday, Peter Bell, senior vice president of the technology, business and design organization General Assembly, offered his advice to Business Insider.

“Cloud computing is becoming the default option for companies large and small,” Bell said. “It’s usually quicker, cheaper, more secure and allows you to focus on building your business – not installing and configuring servers and software.”

Bell said businesses may find cloud computing services especially useful for functions like email and community document sharing. He added that the cloud is great even for companies that choose to customize their own applications or database software.

Occasionally, problems may arise regarding access to cloud data, such as when natural disasters cause major, extended power outages.

However, despite those issues, Bell argued that cloud computing remains both cost-efficient and “much more secure than anything you’re likely to be able to set up on your own.” In addition, while power surges may cause a temporary loss of access to the cloud, it’s still preferable to the alternative: losing data irretrievably that isn’t backed up on the internet.