The Year of the Cloud


According to a recent article in Data Center Knowledge, 2012 was the year the the cloud went mainstream, with the growth in Google’s online apps and more Microsoft TV ads referencing the cloud bringing this topic into the public consciousness.

“IT professionals have been thinking cloud computing for a few years, but this year really marked a shift into action, working to operationalize cloud services, secure cloud services and move more and more applications into cloud environments,” Colleen Miller wrote for Data Center Knowledge.

A recent article from the McClatchy-Tribune summarized Mobily CEO Khalid Al-Kaf’s opening speech at the Mobily Application Developers Conference 2012. He spoke about the future of telecommunications and information technology, with a focus on the cloud.

“The technology of cloud computing is really a significant leap in terms of the optimal use of resources, whether infrastructure or software platforms or for commercial activities,” Al-Kaf said. “With high quality connectivity between sources and end-users of information and resources, it is likely for cloud computing services to contribute to the deployment of advanced automation systems for all kind of companies at cost effective prices.”

An article in Forbes indicated that cloud computing is responsible for the acceleration of context-aware coupons, offers and promotions. Through the use of a custom online database, businesses are able to better produce context-aware advertising platforms and pursue strategies to reach hyper-specific consumer segments.

Convenient options for enterprise software allow a simple cloud database form to be filled out in order to help businesses become more effectively integrated with the cloud.


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