The Cloud Continues to Move Front and Center


With all the talk surrounding the emergence and adoption of cloud services, most might already agree that the cloud has gone mainstream. However, its hype cycle is far from over. In a recent article for CIO Journal, contributors Steven Rosenbush and Michael Hickins reported how the largest company in the world by revenue, Royal Dutch Shell, has embraced the cloud for each online database application, even though it has the funds to build the biggest data center it could possibly dream up.

“Large organizations are adopting cloud technology for many of the same reasons smaller organizations have been attracted to the idea of renting rather than owning computing resources – greater flexibility and cost savings, resiliency in the event of natural disasters, and the ability to try new technologies without having to commit to them,” Rosenbush and Hickins wrote. “And while they acknowledge concerns about cybersecurity, they believe they can safely pursue their cloud strategies while taking appropriate precautions.”

Shell group IT architect Johan Krebber told the source that the company looks at each custom application to determine whether or not the cloud is a suitable hosting environment. He additionally noted that security concerns are considered at that point. However, Krebber said that the company only works with reputable vendors that can provide the required level of service, and he believes measures can easily be taken to ensure security when shifting to the cloud.

In another recent article, ZDNet’s Jason Perlow noted that 10 years from now, the average personal computer will be a hybrid of cloud and smartphone offerings and capabilities. Perlow also projected that system upgrades for security measures will be a foreign concept in 2023 as all computing devices will likely be entirely sealed from outside threat.


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