Both IT professionals and business users are making corporate cloud decisions, survey finds


As companies increasingly adopt cloud computing solutions, the theme of self-service has emerged as both an advantage and point of contention. Some technology professionals fear that IT departments are losing control of digital assets within their own companies, while other experts view the cloud as something that necessitates a shift in the role of technical staff. Recent data from consulting firm Capgemini may support the latter perspective.

Despite the growing focus on self-service solutions, research suggests an almost even split between who makes decisions regarding cloud deployments. In a survey of IT and business professionals, 45.2 percent of business users made cloud decisions while 46 percent said IT was primarily responsible for decision making. This suggests that the shift to online database software has allowed users throughout the organization to participate in conversations that may have once been the sole territory of IT staff.

Given the growing complexity of technology in today’s business environment, business users and technology professionals will likely need to work together more closely in coming years. Cloud deployments are beginning to mature, allowing organizations to adopt a mixture of outsourced and in-house solutions.

Commenting on the results of the research, Forbes contributor Joe McKendrick said IT’s role within a company is quickly evolving. Particularly as businesses begin outsourcing services for mission-critical assets, IT will have to become a leader in selecting best-fit solutions and consulting the rest of the organization on the most effective route to implementation.