Cloud research spending sees uptick


As the amount of spending on the cloud by IT departments rises, it makes sense that vendors are paying a proportionate amount on improving the infrastructure and making it as business-friendly as possible.

The cloud has made its way into a large amount of everyday practices. Users are unwittingly taking advantage of it for social media, banking, shopping and file-sharing, thinking little of these services as more than an online program. Vendors are now attempting to beef up their R&D spending in order to create more cloud applications and extend the technology’s usefulness to more sectors.

Apple, Sony and even the federal government have pumped a large amount of money into the cloud in order to spur adoption, according to Bloomberg. There has also been a rise in vendors wishing to placate the DIY crowd. Online database software that utilizes easy-to- use applications is appealing to more employees. Vendors are appealing to such workers through the use of customizable databases that demand very little coding experience.

Across the board vendors have been attempting to appeal to every facet of business life. IT decision makers are drawn in by cost savings and hardware outsourcing, sales is excited by online, scalable and easy-to-use databases, marketers are interested in automated software that reaches out to clients using precise algorithms and regular users enjoy the effectiveness of their smartphones and desktops. As with any technology, where there is interest and demand, there are going to be improvements, and the cloud is booming.


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