NGOs Rapidly Moving IT Services to the Cloud


Now that cloud computing has been deemed beneficial for companies, it is only a matter of time before most of them move their IT services to the cloud. And, according to a report by TechSoup Global, it isn’t just businesses making the switch.

The 2012 Global Cloud Computing Survey revealed that 90 percent of non-governmental organizations around the world use cloud computing for at least one work-related function. More than half of NGOs (53 percent) plan to move the majority of their IT services online in the next three years.

“By sharing the voices of NGOs with the sector as a whole, this survey will allow us to better use cloud computing to improve organizations’ effectiveness, collaboration and access to data,” said Rebecca Masisak, co-CEO of TechSoup Global.

Nearly 80 percent of respondents said online databases make software administration more convenient, while 47 percent said “cost-related changes and ease of setup” would likely be the biggest advantages.

The survey polled 10,500 NGOs in 88 countries.

Although cost-efficiency is arguably the cloud’s must publicized benefit, it is no longer the only focus for companies that use it. An InformationWeek 500 survey of some of the United States’ most innovative tech businesses found that cloud services are now being implemented to enhance the company-customer relationship as well.

Nearly half the companies listed business efficiency as the top priority behind investing in cloud computing, while “introducing new IT-led products and services for customers” was second at 46 percent.

Customer experience, particularly for websites, achieved 31 percent of the vote, and engaging customers in new ways received 30 percent. Only 29 percent of respondents said cost-efficiency was a top priority of cloud services, compared to 47 percent in 2009.