Majority of Businesses use Cloud Software


The cloud has quickly proliferated in businesses across many industries. However, experts are now saying it’s no longer a question of whether businesses are migrating to the cloud, but how many operations they are moving. A new survey from WaveLength Market Analytics and Winn Technology Group revealed significant cloud adoption among U.S. businesses. The research found that the majority (78 percent) of medium and large enterprises use or are considering cloud solutions, and the cloud now represents 4.4 percent of overall enterprise IT. As more companies leverage cloud database software to lift infrastructure burdens, it is likely this trend will continue.

“The enterprise cloud market and segments have quickly evolved; today’s meaningful question is no longer if cloud is used but rather how much,” said Natalie Robb, of WaveLength Market Analytics.

Robb further highlighted the rapid growth of cloud adoption by discussing user perceptions. In 2011, survey respondents expected 28 percent of business IT to be cloud-based by 2015, but that percentage increased to 35 percent this year. The most successful implementations leveraged multiple data centers and invested heavily in network performance optimization solutions.

The survey also revealed a clear preference for desktop applications based in the cloud, as the adoption rate for such software grew from 6 percent in 2011 to approximately 26 percent in 2012. Other common cloud services included back-up and disaster recovery.

In an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald, Craig Winkler, former CEO of the software startup MYOB, said that software is now in the territory of the cloud. Winkler cited lower barrier to entry for software providers and low initial investments for customers. However, he said the next challenge for software-as-a-service providers will be to distinguish themselves from the rest of the vendors in the market.


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