Look to cloud computing vendors when creating custom applications


Developing custom applications using cloud computing can be easy, but James Staten, vice president and principal analyst at Forrester Research, said there are no true standards, which can make it somewhat difficult for organizations to navigate their way through the process. However, there are de facto standards that exist which organizations can use as the groundwork for their own tools. Before getting to any of this, businesses should be sure they have investigated their potential provider and see that they will be able to easily work with the company.

IT professional Charlie Key said avoiding vendor-specific APIs is likely a good idea for any business looking to construct cloud computing applications, as this will ensure the ability to be truly portable and run the custom application on any public or private cloud platform. Choosing a vendor that can help keep the applications smaller should also be a help, he said.

“Literally, if you’re building out a giant application that’s going to do 20 different things, you can really look at that and try to architect it so it’s broken down into multiple smaller applications,” Key said.

Cloud professional Brian Sommer wrote on ZDNet that some questions organizations should ask their potential vendor include:

  • Does the vendor understand how to deal with local information regulations of the country or state?
  • How is the integration with these apps with the rest of the services?
  • Will business data be kept safe?
  • Are the capabilities offered by the vendor really as strong as they say they are?

Jeff Kaplan, managing director at THINKstrategies, said the information gathered and the responses to questions will get different responses depending on the provider, but it will all likely be good for the business to know before building a cloud-based app.


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