How the Healthcare Industry is Saving Millions with the Cloud


Healthcare organizations have begun implementing online databases, according to a recent report by National Public Radio.

“Nearly every pharmaceutical company we speak to, at least in the [research and development] part of their business, is doing this,” Forrester Research analyst James Staten told the news source. “Given the economic change that this creates for them, it’s extremely attractive.”

According to the news source, researchers are utilizing cloud services for a variety of functions, from analyzing numbers to organizing and storing huge quantities of information. Instead of buying their own servers, many pharmaceutical companies are renting the computing power they need from web service vendors like Amazon, which is boosting savings exponentially.

For instance, Matt Wood, Amazon Web Services‘ head of scientific and technical computing, told the news source about a client that needed to run a virtual test of 21 million chemical compounds. The operation cost under $15,000, according to the report, as opposed to the millions it would have taken to perform in-house. A GigaOM blog highlighted the benefits cloud computing could have in genetic research. The news source cited how Wisconsin-based Morgridge Institute utilized cloud-based functions to construct a human stem cell database – a process that cost the organizations $0.0175 per hour to complete. The blog cited this ability to aggregate information is one of the top benefits cloud services offer research firms. According to the news source, the ability to use this accumulated, organized data could prove to be invaluable for lab researchers.


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