How soon will the cloud become mobile?


The cloud is a technology centered around mobility – it allows an employee to have greater access to his or her online database application and data from multiple access points. It makes sense, then, to ask when the business world will become a mobile-oriented workforce.

Recently, smartphones outsold PCs for the first time ever, demonstrating a noticeable shift among everyday users away from a desktop-burdened lifestyle, according to Canalys. The news is revolutionary. While PC sales still grew at a remarkable 15 percent in 2011, smartphones sales exploded, reaching a 63 percent rise over 2010 results.

Desktop computers are still seen as useful, but the sharp rise of interest in handheld devices could hint at a desire by workers and general users to be continuously connected to the internet at all times. This has also been met with an expectation among executives that workers will respond to emails or update their sales database even when on the go.

The cloud promises mobility and users are demanding it. Executives have turned to the cloud in order to cut costs while boosting efficiency and the smartphone market promises to take these benefits even further.

Because smartphones are becoming more commonplace and, at times, replacing the need for a desktop completely, it makes sense that the question is no longer if we’ll see such a revolution, but rather how soon will it happen.


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