How CloudNOW is advancing women in technology


2014 is right around the corner and who knows what the future will bring? The past few decades have brought about radical social change, massive shifts in technology and new cultural norms. There’s no telling what wonders await but one thing is for sure; in 2014, we will still be living in man’s world.

Yes, yes GM has finally appointed a female CEO. Marissa Mayer has increased traffic to Yahoo by 20% in under a year and Twitter has appointed a lone female to their Board. But from a statistical perspective, the science and technology world’s “boy’s clubs” will continue to dominate through 2014. This stinks and I’m not the only one who thinks so. Some of the world’s leading women in technology and cloud computing agree and these gurus aren’t going to take it anymore. It’s time for CloudNOW, like now!

CloudNOW makes way for women in tech

CloudNOW is a member-driven organization propelled by women from around the world working at the top of the cloud computing game. Their mission is to enhance networking, professional development, information sharing and build mentorship opportunities that support women in cloud computing to grow their visibility and their careers. This non-profit consortium helmed by founder and president Jocelyn DeGance Graham (also one of Everything Channel CRN’s 100 most influential women in IT), is a lifeline for women striving to make it big in a male-dominated industry.

Women are good for business (seriously)

Research shows that women’s contributions result in better outcomes, happier workplaces. These days, women are outpacing men academically in post-secondary institutions, as well as outnumbering them in terms of graduation rates. But even with the statistics in women’s favor, Australia’s Workplace Gender Equality Agency reckons that “58% of Australia’s university graduates are women but only 67% of working aged women are currently in paid work, compared to 78% of men”. What?! That’s a problem.

It’s also worth mentioning that companies who demonstrate equality have better staff retention rates and that gender balance generates the kind of diversified ideas and holistic analysis that result in improved overall decision making. The Aussies’ (Grattan Institute) also found that a 6% increase in female workers could add an estimated $25 billion annually to their economy.

The perks of membership

Members of CloudNOW gain access to webinars, online meetings, events, news and research that sharpen their skills as architects and coders, programmers and build business acumen. CloudNOW also addresses issues around gender imbalance in the workplace and strives to build a strong network of qualified and successful women in technology. Some of their work also focuses on breaking down the barriers and misconceptions that have perpetuated the boy’s club model throughout the years.

Increasing the visibility of outstanding contributors in this industry is another critical step in raising the profile of women in technology and inspiring others to get connected. CloudNOW recognizes women who are proven leaders and experts in cloud computing with the Top 10 Women in the Cloud Awards. According to the organization it’s about “contributions, accomplishments and thought leadership”, and it’s about time.

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