Healthcare Providers Seek Help from the Cloud


Businesses in just about every industry have turned to the cloud in order to benefit from the efficiency and interdepartmental collaboration it offers. More hospitals, hospice providers and elderly caregivers have turned to online database software to manage files and patient care more effectively.

The Northern DHB Support Agency recently developed a database that can be updated with advice and tips for nurses and doctors who deal primarily with older people. The tool is being backed by the Whanganui District Health Board (WDHB), according to the Wanganui Chronicle.

“[The database] provides real-time information and advice which is ideal for those wanting or needing to gain a better understanding of the mental health issues that older people face,” said Andrea Bunn, WDHB senior portfolio manager for mental health and health of older people.

Hospitals, too, have turned to the cloud, MSDN reported. Healthcare providers are in search of the monetary advantages a cloud-centered environment can provide, but also enjoy the secondary benefits. When information is updated instantaneously, there is less of a chance that a doctor will forget to write down a report, therefore decreasing the risk that a patient will be accidentally tested for a symptom or disease more than once.

This demonstrates the long reach of cloud services. It also shows how a single person can make a difference by creating an easy to use, customizable database from which providers across the world can access, update and add information on medical care.


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