Health IT administrators still wary about cloud computing, but security improving


A recent Ponemon Institute study showed that many healthcare organizations are worried about the security of cloud computing and mobile devices, but many of these agencies are not doing all they should to shore up protections. The report showed that 33 percent of these respondents need to access PHI to do work, but only 33 percent know this needs to be covered by HIPAA rules. About 40 percent weren’t sure if their organization’s rules on the cloud and mobile were compliant.

Another recent report by CDW showed that healthcare ranked seventh out of eight surveyed industries in the adoption of the cloud. However, use was up from 2011 to 2012, as 35 percent of the surveyed health IT professionals said they used the cloud in the most recent survey compared with 30 percent the previous year.

Health IT Security said while security and compliance are always evolving in the healthcare industry, all data in the cloud needs to be treated as sensitive, a common control framework should be adopted and utilized and it must be known who is accountable for fulfilling security and compliance objectives. This will all lessen the risk of any sort of flaws happening in an organization’s cloud solution.

“Operating within the cloud is the wave of healthcare’s future,” the website said. “By implementing best practices and state-of-the-art security tools, both healthcare providers and IT vendors can rely on a secure cloud environment that offers technical expertise as well as optimal healthcare outcomes.”