Government Managers Need to Better Understand Cloud Computing


Though there are multiple advantages to cloud computing, of the biggest benefits is the amount of money it can save a company simply by reducing the number of staff members needed to manage systems. In addition, moving to the cloud can improve the efficiency of staff working in a company. However, there are several questions that managers will want to address before they decide to adopt the technology, according to GigaOM.

Three of the main questions IT managers will most likely want to ask are how the movement will impact the company’s IT staff, what role the cloud plays in workload automation and how this will affect IT operators, and what are the security benefits if data is moved to the cloud.

Government agency managers seem especially reluctant to embrace the power of cloud computing. This could be because the don’t have the best solutions in place. According to GovTech, a recent survey conducted by the Government Business Council revealed that many government employees find their current cloud systems to be substandard. About 24 percent of federal managers said they feel the cloud computing system they use is high quality and about 15 percent said they use the system on a regular basis.

GBC Research Manager Dana Grinshpan told the source it may be because many of the agency managers are unaware of cloud benefits.

“With regard to the low quality and low frequency scores of cloud computing, it is likely one of a few things are at play: feds don’t know how to use cloud computing, don’t realize they are using it, or don’t actually know what cloud computing is,” she said, according to GT.


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