Five Websites and Blogs to Visit Daily for Cloud Computing News


Recently, there has been a wide range of news about cloud computing – from SMBs profiting off its services and major U.S. and international corporations making major investments to reports about 51 percent of Americans thinking it’s affected by stormy weather.

With so much going on these days relating to the cloud, its applications and its database software, it can be difficult to stay up to date with the latest information. Here is a list of some of the top blogs and websites on everything related to the industry.

cloud times cloud computing news

1. Cloud Times, based in San Francisco, Calif., not far from Silicon Valley, consists of full-time, freelance and guest writers. It covers everything relating to the cloud, from marketing and security to the ever-expanding mobile market.

cloud tweaks cloud computing news

2., created in 2009, consists of an array of news, in-depth analyses and opinion pieces. Cloudtweaks produces its own content to go along with contributions from CEOs, CIOs and tech specialists.

cloud computing journal

3. Cloud Computing Journal features dozens of contributors. The website primarily focuses on hard news, but contains plenty of analysis as well.

cloud computing news david linthicum

4. Blue Mountain Labs founder and CTO David S. Linthicum is one of the leaders of the cloud computing industry. Linthicum has written over a dozen books on the topic, including best-seller “Enterprise Application Integration.” In his blog, appropriately titled “Cloud Computing,” he shares his opinions on some of the industry’s widely debated topics.

business cloud news

5. Business Cloud News keeps you up to date on the most recent cloud-related issues with a business twist.