Expert says ‘choice’ and ‘control’ key for greater cloud adoption


Companies across the globe are beginning to use cloud-based applications for a variety of reasons. However, some company managers are worried they may lose data or fall victim to a security breach if they shift their data to the cloud. In an op-ed for the Huffington Post, Vice President and CTO of Cloud Computing for IBM Lauren States wrote that managers have to learn to embrace the idea that cloud computing isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” system. Companies can protect their data for each of their applications and best leverage cloud benefits by pursuing a strategy of customization.

“To unleash the full potential of cloud computing, organizations must have confidence in the new technology,” States wrote. “To have confidence, corporations need to feel that they have choice and control over cloud adoption and the delivery models, configurations, risk levels and economic models.”

Cloud adoption isn’t expected to slow down at any point in the near future, according to experts. The content management company Formtek reported that by the end of the year, some experts believe the market will reach $109 billion – a 19.6 percent increase. The more company managers begin to educate themselves on the benefits cloud database forms and custom cloud applications can bring, the faster they will improve their business.


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