Enterprises Look to Cloud-Based Tools to Cut Costs


One of the biggest enterprise software trends of 2012 was migrating applications to the cloud for improved efficiency. In a recent guest post for Forbes, chief platform officer of Verizon Enterprise Solutions David Small noted this trend, citing information access through an online database, reduction of operation costs and easier delivery of enterprise applications as the main motivators for shifting to the cloud.

This trend of cloud services adoption is continuing into the 2013 and projected to extend beyond the year. When analytics are concerned, a custom online database can have a significant effect on business growth. In a recent article for FierceCIO, contributor Caron Carlson reported that business intelligence tools are providing substantial benefits to factory workers.

Carlson detailed the experience of McCain Foods, the largest maker of frozen French fries around the globe. The McCain corporation is making business intelligence tools available to factory workers on plant floors, allowing them to understand how their daily work is impacting the plant’s effectiveness and success. While providing this information to this level of worker could prove to have an effect on the production of the organization overall, by using an online database to collect and analyze data, sharing this information is as easy as adjusting privacy controls.

In a SAP blog post, Lindsey Nelsen explained that as many businesses look to cut costs, cloud solutions are seeing a significant shift away from on-premise solutions.

One of on-demand software’s most coveted features is the lack of up-front implementation and training costs that are usually associated with on-premise installations,” Nelsen wrote.