Embrace cloud computing while keeping legacy apps in mind


The complexity of cloud computing will likely only grow over the foreseeable future. Whether using the cloud for database software or a custom application, a recent report from Forrester found that hybrid enterprise landscapes are becoming normalized and will only become more common moving into the future. ReadWrite said organizations cannot, however, forget about their legacy apps while making a move to the cloud.

“As fantastic as cloud computing sounds, one of the greatest obstacles to its adoption is all the software that isn’t yet in the cloud,” the website said. “Which is to say, virtually all software used by most enterprises of reasonable size. While the industry anticipates the problems inherent in connecting the dots between services running on different clouds, today’s enterprise must fixate on connecting its crufty old software assets with the cloud.”

ReadWrite said there is no easy fix, as each organization will need to figure out which technical changes versus cultural changes will need to be made to ensure everything is going in the correct direction within the company.

Blue Mountain Labs founder and CTO David Linthicum told TechTarget that integrating the cloud with the data center will mean figuring out how to make it happen at each company even before selecting which cloud apps will be used. An architecture approach should be taken, he said, to determine how cloud computing best fits with older apps that are being used by the organization. No matter which business applications are being moved into the cloud, a company must make sure it is using proper planning to navigate through the complexities.


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