Easing the cloud conversion


Many businesses are excited by the opportunities the cloud presents, particularly the amount of applications and database software that now exist solely in a cloud environment. When they make the transition to the cloud, however, they are unprepared for the difficulties.

Companies have to plan for data synchronization and application development. It is not always as simple as transferring current software to a public or private cloud. Typically, entire sections of code need to be reworked to allow it to run on a completely different infrastructure.

Because of these difficulties, more companies are delaying the conversion, seeing it as a process that needs to happen down the road, after months of planning. The problem with this mindset is it simply delays the inevitable and ignores alternatives executives should be exploring.

For example, a company can utilize online database software that allows employees to create their own custom online database without months of planning or difficulty. With such a strategy, workers can access the benefits of a cloud conversion, share databases with coworkers, work collaboratively and explore personal projects on their own time.

The DIY movement is not dead. Employees enjoy creating systems that can make their work easier and more efficient. Executives who allow their workers to create their own databases using customizable software will reap the benefits without the pricetag.


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