Commercial cloud applications on the rise


The number of custom applications available is booming and providing a new outlet for creators of commercial cloud applications, while the competition among cloud developers heats up, according to VentureBeat.

Integrating cloud applications

Online database software is becoming more popular, and application programming interfaces (APIs) that let users custom-build their space are in greater demand. APIs let users develop a core software platform. Developers can take the platform and use the interface to customize it to fit their needs. Competition between API developers often comes down to how quickly they can deliver service.

“Customers want to get up and running right away,” Juan Benitez, chief technology officer at Braintree, said to VentureBeat. “They don’t want complex APIs. They want to build things out right away, get merchant accounts up and running, and do that without needing to talk to a human being. At the same time, we want robust interfaces to serve the large companies.”

The question of how to integrate cloud applications remains a sticking point for some firms. Companies that develop their own online database software can custom build it to perform the needed functions, but this may not be the case for commercial developers, InformationWeek reporter Fritz Nelson wrote for PandoDaily.

“In a traditional enterprise software environment, most business processes don’t exist in isolation, or at least they’re strengthened when they work collectively,” Nelson wrote. “And making that happen often requires a combination of enterprise middleware (the glue), integration modules written by the software providers or your own development team, or usually some combination of all of the above, followed by lots of ongoing care and feeding.”