Cloud Vendors – not IT – Relied on for Innovation


Innovative software and strategies used to be the purview of IT, but according to a recent IDC and T-Systems study, those responsibilities may be shifting to external companies. The survey of IT executives at 104 United States enterprises found that 44 percent of respondents plan to use cloud computing services to conquer many of their companies’ tech-related challenges.

“Enterprises find that overall business impact and productivity gains from the cloud are as significant as achieving cost reductions,” said David Tapper, IDC’s vice president of outsourcing and offshore services market research.

More than 20 percent of respondents said they plan to use the cloud to lower IT costs (26 percent) and to replace their older systems (21 percent). Another 14 percent felt that virtualized servers would make it easier to adopt new database software.

A recent report by InformationWeek discussed how the cloud is revolutionizing the role of IT employees. In particular, the news source noted that innovation – in terms of both applications and new strategies like bring your own device (BYOD) initiatives – has shifted almost exclusively to outside vendors. In-house tech employees are now largely responsible for successful implementation of cloud-based programs.

According to the news source, BYOD, mobile practices and social media implementation have largely driven companies to outsource cloud services to third parties, many of which specialize in those particular functions. In addition, cloud computing vendors can typically develop new applications faster than internal IT.


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