Cloud Services Changing the Role of IT at SMBs


Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are switching their systems to the cloud with greater frequency. A recent Experian QAS report indicated they have good reason to, as cloud services offer scalability benefits that make it easier to expand.

“For fast-growing organizations, it’s easier to expand in the cloud than to upgrade to a series of larger local servers – and you have avoided obsolescence at the same time,” said Chris Willford, chief operating officer at London-based My Wealth Cloud.
In addition, an ITWeb blog noted that SMEs may experience huge financial savings from investing in online databases, particularly since cloud service prices appear to be declining. In addition, the news source pointed out the long-term advantages, since it generally costs less to upgrade cloud-based, rather than on-premise, servers.

Web content specialist Sharon Hall blogged about the way cloud computing has changed the game for medium-sized IT. Hall pointed out that, in order to expand, cloud vendors will have to start targeting their services to mid-sized enterprises as opposed to just larger corporations.

But this means there may also be a change in the role of tech employees at medium- or smaller-sized firms, most notably that custom applications and software will become the responsibility of the vendors. IT managers will instead be responsible for implementing cloud-based programs with their existing servers and making sure there aren’t any lingering issues afterward.