Cloud security needs to be a top priority for business


When using a cloud database form or other custom application, cloud security should be one of the top priorities for any company looking to implement a solution. IT security professional Eric Chiu wrote on USA Today that, with so many assets and data in the cloud, keeping everything safe needs to be at the top of the priority list for businesses.

“First, think access control and account management,” Chiu wrote. “This kind of infrastructure depends on easy access, but granting admin access means giving away the keys to the kingdom (meaning every system, application and security appliance in the datacenter). Retaining control over access and ensuring full visibility is not about trust, it’s about responsibility.”

After this, organizations should look to the past and figure out which areas of endpoint cloud security need to be taken into the present. Automation and alignment can be a huge help for companies that could otherwise struggle with pulling together different ends of security. After this, Chiu suggests using role-based management, proper configuration of compliance and automation and having a policy in line that can be easily understood by every cloud user in the company.

A recent report from CA Technologies found that companies using cloud computing services have a hard time securing the technology. Mike Denning, general manager of security with CA Technologies, said organizations need to reduce risk and create a balance of protection and business enablement, but thus far, positive responses to questions on cloud security best practices hovered at about 50 percent.