Cloud improves disaster recovery programs


It can be difficult for a company to spring back in a disaster recovery situation, however, many experts believe the cloud can make restoration a relatively pain-free process.

According to Federal Computer Weekly, traditional recovery methods can be difficult to manage because they require a total renovation of the IT environment. However, some companies are beginning to realize it might not be worth the cost to keep paying for all of the equipment required to run redundant systems in-house. To combat the high costs of these systems, many agencies are beginning to subscribe to cloud services to avoid the time and expense of maintaining infrastructure internally.

Cloud improves disaster recovery programs

“You’re only going to pay for what you need rather than for an entire duplicate of everything that’s sitting idle waiting for a disaster,” Chuck Riddle, CIO at the Government Printing Office told the source. “Done correctly, it opens up a lot of options for doing disaster recovery better than in the past, but the devil’s always in the details when it comes to how you actually move forward.”

Since more companies are becoming conscious of the need for backing up their data in case of a disaster, the demand for backup software is growing in some locations throughout the country. By allowing access to the cloud, companies won’t have to worry about waiting to get their data back on track in a timely manner.