Cloud Gaining Popularity Among Companies


As the cloud continues to make inroads among U.S. corporations on a steady basis, company managers are beginning to understand the benefits of cloud-based applications for collecting and storing a company’s data and records. According to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, many experts are urging reticent managers and other corporate decision makers to take the technology seriously.

Bill Martorelli, an analyst at Forrester Research, was one of the keynote speakers at the Enterprise Cloud Summit at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts on October 16. One of the ways managers can see a positive result from adopting the cloud is to find a “balance between empowerment of employees and corporate control,” he stated.

One of the main reasons some managers are reluctant to implemen the cloud is because they are unsure how long it will take to back up all their data in cloud database form, and they are uncomfortable about how and where their data is stored. However, some companies are getting involved in trial runs that will help them determine whether they want to adopt the technology down the line.

John Carroll is the senior systems administrator for GovDelivery, a company that enrolled for a trial.

“We’re doing a trial to find out how easy it would be for us to move into the cloud, and how much control we can retain over what’s in the cloud,” he said. “I think the cloud will mostly save me time as an administrator, and time is money in that sense.”
Experts project the cloud market to reach 500 million users by the end of the year, according to market research firm IHS iSuppli.


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