Cloud computing saves you money


If you own a small to medium business, cloud computing is the greatest windfall since sliced bread. With cloud computing, you are able to keep your business on par technologically with all your competitors without spending money on hardware or getting a spiffy new IT department. Cloud computing allows you to do much, much more with far less.

Playing in the big pool

In the past, small and medium businesses were disadvantaged by the fact that they couldn’t afford cutting-edge technologies and often had outdated hardware. You probably couldn’t afford every new iteration of the software that you use and could only afford to license half your desktops. This causes delays and affects the speed and quality of your service. With cloud computing, you don’t have to buy new servers or maintain a complex network of computers in-house; now all your software and server needs are taken care of by the cloud.

You and your employees can’t always be in the office. With cloud computing, you can access all the latest information and all your data at any time from any place. This means that your sales reps in the field or your managers in a meeting can dazzle clients with any information they need. Being quick on your feet will perceptively improve the service you offer. Now being smaller isn’t a disadvantage as you have the same capabilities as a larger corporation. Your size makes you more flexible and truly gives you the edge on personal service.

Reducing your IT expenses

Goodbye big servers that crash on a weekend and remind us all that we should back up regularly. With cloud computing, all your data is safely stored in the cloud and regular backups are automated. This means you save on hardware costs and you can reduce the number of paid hours for computer maintenance and backing up.

Cloud computing vendors protect your data through state-of-the-art security protocols that are continuously updated so you save money on software and you are able to provide your clients with far more sophisticated security for their personal information.

You also save more money, as cloud computing takes the financial sting out of licensing software. Many software packages in the cloud allow you to only pay for the programs you need rather than purchasing the whole suite. Software licensing is cheaper and updates are automated, saving you more IT dollars.

It’s greener in the cloud

Cloud computing means that each company isn’t running servers where they only use a fraction of their capacity. This is wasteful and you are probably spending a fortune on electricity each year.  Not only will you save on utilities, but reducing the IT staff and space for servers means you can get a smaller office or use the additional space and extra money to grow your business.

A flood or fire will render all the computers in the area useless. This is not only a huge expense for local businesses, but also adds tons of harmful electronics to landfills. Cloud computing vendors have protection against floods and fire. They also back up your data onsite and offsite, so you won’t lose anything in the event of a major disaster.

Should a disaster occur, cloud computing vendors are able to recover and reinstate your online database faster than you would as a small business owner who has to rely on the local computer store which will, no doubt, be inundated with requests. Losing valuable business days will compound the losses incurred through major disasters. With cloud computing, you have little to no downtime and you can schedule routine maintenance like backups for times when your office is closed.

Operational costs rather than investment costs

When you purchase large amounts of computer hardware and software programs, it is considered an investment cost. This investment begins to lose money almost as soon as you take it out of the box. With cloud computing, you are no longer investing in hardware and software that will only end up in a landfill. Instead, cloud computing allows you to only incur lower operational costs as you utilize the programs and space you really need.

No matter the size of your business, cloud computing makes financial, environmental and operational sense. Cloud computing saves you money and it levels the playing field so that you can be more competitive. Say goodbye to your servers and make some room for your business to grow.