Cloud computing offers tools for improving efficiency


Small businesses are finding more ways to improve their outreach to potential customers through cloud computing as the technology continues to mature.

The cloud is uniquely suited to present opportunities for small businesses to grow through the use of project management software and other business applications, Gil Allouche, vice president of marketing at Qubole, wrote in SmartData Collective. Entrepreneurs trying to maximize their growth in a short period of time can benefit from the lower startup costs associated with having a custom online database and other available cloud computing applications. Small companies can also benefit from the fact that maintenance costs and software upgrades are absorbed by the cloud computing service provider.

Cloud computing saves money and time

Cloud computing services often come in a pay-as-you-go model, allowing businesses to pay only for the applications that they use. The money and resources saved on software and repairs can help growing companies focus more of their time on development and innovation.

“Small business owners don’t start a business to be an IT manager and repairman, but sometimes they find themselves comparing computer servers or fixing glitches instead of building their business,” Allouche wrote. “Outsourcing those duties to those with more experience in that area frees up the business owner’s time to work on his or her business goals and do more of what he or she enjoys.”

Changes are likely to come in how cloud software-as-a-service applications are offered, according to GigaOm. The next generation of offerings will likely place a greater emphasis on administrative efficiency than on business applications, as is currently the case.