Cloud Computing Found to Increase Revenue for SMBs


Although many small- and medium-sized businesses may not be investing in cloud computing – at least not yet – it isn’t because the services lack advantages.

An MYOB report revealed that, of the SMBs whose online databases use the cloud, 53 percent were more likely to have enjoyed revenue increases in the last year. The survey polled more than 1,000 small- and medium-sized enterprises.

“The advantages of using cloud computing for business came through loud and clear,” Tim Reed, MYOB chief executive, said in a statement. “The power of the cloud provides the freedom to work anywhere at any time, to be with your customers, partners and suppliers while still enjoying a connection to the office,” he added.

In addition to revenue increases, 42 percent responded that the cloud made it possible to access database software from outside the offices, and another 28 percent said it enabled employees to work remotely.
Forbes reported that Joe Weinman outlined 18 areas he felt were the top business advantages of cloud services in his book “Cloudonomics.” The senior vice president of Telx noted the cloud can have a “substantial” economic impact for startups and SMBs.

According to the news source, Weinman also listed the ability to improve communications, particularly among a community of workers, and being able to access information across different devices to be major advantages. Cloud services may even help enhance customer service, he said.

Lack of knowledge and not being tech-savvy enough combined to make up 44 percent of the SMBs that do not use cloud services.


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