Is Cloud Computing the Great Equalizer for SMBs?


the cloud for small to medium sized businesses

Vizzeco President and COO Rod Schulhauser blogged about four areas where cloud computing has enabled SMBs to close the gap with larger corporations: budget constraints, productivity, security and effectiveness.

Cloud applications provide services that previously may have only been available to companies with vast financial resources. Now, SMBs can acquire applications at a more affordable price, while outsourcing much of their IT maintenance for a fraction of the cost. In addition, having accessible online databases means employees can use company software on different devices and have the ability to work remotely.

While the majority of organizations are utilizing cloud-based functions in some capacity, big data initiatives have been slower to catch on. A recent CompTIA report found that only 20 percent of companies – including major corporations – utilize big data, although 36 percent do plan to implement it in the next year. IBM consultant Tikiri Wanduragala said he believes it’s on the fast track toward becoming a regular product of the cloud market.

“One of the biggest things in the future of cloud computing will be the ability to get supercomputing to mid-sized businesses,” Wanduragala said, according to Network World. “The benefit to companies of having access to this will mean that they can then change their response time to market and change their cost structure,” he added.

A recent Gartner report found that CIOs listed implementing “analytics and business intelligence” by 2015 to be their top priority, according to Forbes.


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