Cloud computing conferences you should attend in 2014


It’s a new year and those resolutions aren’t going to do themselves! So, if you don’t have a plan why not add a little networking and professional development to the mix? Getting to know your peers and the larger issues facing your industry go a long way toward growing your business. Besides, many cloud computing conferences are held in warm and exciting cities just waiting to inspire you. If you’ve been looking at the same four walls for the past six months or more, it’s time to get out of your seat and go to one of this year’s business expos and cloud computing conferences.

2014 Cloud Computing Conferences



Event details
When: January 28-21, 2014 (Yikers! That’s soon)
Where: Miami Florida, Miami Beach Convention Centre (yes, please!)

Who should go? The little guys—okay, the smaller to medium sized guys. This is one of the cloud computing conferences perfect for SMBs seeking to enhance their outcomes with the cloud and learn about developing technologies. Delegates will come face-to-face with business and implementation strategies and how to use them online. Bring a mint!

Highlights: Though no speaker list is presently available, the conference agenda includes talks from a variety of marketing specialists, valuation experts, consultants, CEOs and tech gurus. A quick look at the long and impressive list of exhibitors attending this year’s conference will make you glad you have four days to fit it all in.

Cost: Full access can be yours for $399. This gets you access to breakout and networking sessions plus unlimited time at exhibits, keynote talks, workshops and related events happening in the city. Not bad considering it costs $500 bucks to get the copy machine serviced.

What you’ll be doing: Four days gives delegates plenty of time to oscillate their energy between learning, contributing, listening, networking and eating cookies. Let’s face it; cookies are an essential component of the cloud computing conferences experience. Cookies can be enjoyed during a variety of presentations ranging from ensuring your network is cloud ready to deploying applications in the cloud to tips for going mobile.

The warm destination, competitive cost and stellar agenda make this conference is a triple threat. Also, cookies.


Event details
When: June 10-12, 2014
Where: New York City, Javits Center

Who should go? Business doers great and small seeking to enhance their cloud capability or simply migrate to a state of cloud readiness (semi of otherwise). Last year, more than 7,000 attendees descended upon the event to get a look at what’s new in cloud computing and Big Data.

Highlights: Attendees can take advantage of the usual mix of technical and strategic breakout sessions, keynotes and the event’s signature discussion “Power Panels”. This conference also features a massive expo featuring two demo zones that allow delegates to test and play with vendor toys. This is a chance for serious face time with key experts. Think of some smart questions and bring your notebook.

Cost: All access passes are set at $2,000 (early bird until March 1st) and include a spot in the Cloud Computing Boot camp. Additional delegates from the same company can attend for only $1,000, while ad-hoc passes are available for under $1,000.

What you’ll be doing: This one is still a bit far off, meaning speakers and agenda are TBD, but past cloud computing conferences have included talks focused on closing the cloud talent gap, network innovations, analytics and architecture design. If you’re feeling ambitious and would like to present this year, CLOUD EXPO is currently accepting speaker applications.
The expo includes an absolutely astounding number of vendors and exhibitors. The networking and learning opportunities alone make this a worthwhile trip. Just don’t get lost in the crowd.

Small Business Expo

Event details
When: Lots of “whens”
Where: Multiple Locations. Takes place in seven cities in the United States.

Who should go? The Small Business Expo is the “Nation’s Largest Business to Business Trade Show, Conference and Networking Event”. So if you’re tired of floating in a sea of 7,000 delegates at cloud computing conferences, this may be the place for you. The Small Business Expo takes place in seven different cities and focuses on the basics of small business growth rather than hardcore technology. This conference is a great opportunity for small businesses to build a strong foundation and set solid processes.

Highlights: Over the course of each one-day event, attendees can sit in on a number of practical and technical workshops ranging from online marketing, to how to lure talented smart people who would otherwise work at big corporations. It’s a great chance to connect with others in your field to share ideas and source out new products designed with small business in mind. This road show for SMB success is propelled by excellent sponsors and features a range of great exhibitors in each city.

Cost: It’s free, so take your whole company, will ya? A day out of the pen to learn and network is great for getting the energy going.

What you’ll be doing: Local businesses are invited to speak, exhibit sponsor and of course attend these seven cloud computing conferences. The agenda is different for each event but maintains it’s focus on bringing together “thousands of business owners and decision makers to network, attend business-critical workshops, build new business relationships and shop from vendors that provide unique products and services to help grow their business.”
It’s free; it’s one day and happening near you. This is a no-brainer.

Get Yourself Out There!

Getting yourself and your peers to one of this year’s cloud computing conferences is a perfect way to grow your business, as well as your career. You’ll benefit from staying up on the latest trends and expand your network. And again, it doesn’t hurt that this year’s cloud computing conferences will have plenty of perks (a.k.a. cookies and sunshine)!