Cloud-Based Applications Less Likely to Fall Victim to Web Attacks


Although companies may feel safer with in-house tech employees, recent data indicated their local servers might be less secure than online databases in the cloud.

Alert Logic reported enterprises with on-premise IT services averaged 61.4 web application attacks “per impacted customer,” compared to 27.8 attacks for companies using cloud services.

“Unfortunately, the cloud security myth is a stereotype that has prevented the industry from focusing on the real issues impacting enterprise security,” said Stephen Coty, research director at Alert Logic.

The State of Cloud Security Report analyzed more than 70,000 incidents at about 1,600 enterprises. Approximately half the companies experienced an attack of some kind, nearly two-thirds of which were from viruses available by free download.
“Rather than falling victim to perception-based beliefs, businesses should leverage factual data to evaluate their vulnerabilities and better plan their security posture,” Coty said.

The report found that on-premise infrastructures underwent significantly more “brute force attacks,” according to InformationWeek 500. In-house IT infrastructures averaged 71.7 brute force attacks, compared to cloud-based customers, which averaged 42.6. Meanwhile, “reconnaissance attacks” reportedly affected 38 percent of cloud providers and 32 percent of on-premise servers.

Alert Logic Vice President of Market Urvish Vashi told the news source web attacks were dispersed relatively evenly across all industries and typically were not targeted. She added that the types of applications used by providers likely indicated the types of attacks they experienced.


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