Businesses May Need to Improve Cloud Strategies


Many business leaders have considered cloud deployments in recent years, but some of the hesitant companies may already be in the cloud without knowing it. According to ZDNet writer Steve Ranger, there is a disparity between what leaders believe is happening and how much their employees actually leverage cloud services.

“Because it’s so easy to procure a number of cloud services (all you need is a credit card and a bit of bandwidth), there are plenty of examples where junior members of the IT organization – and execs in other departments – [are] busily buying into the cloud without the knowledge of the people at the top,” Ranger wrote.

Citing research from Infosys, Ranger explained that one of the primary barriers to cloud adoption is internal resistance rather than clear security or operational concerns. However, Ranger warned against outright banning online database software, as employees are likely to leverage it for collaboration and efficiency gains. The Infosys study found that even among organizations considering cloud technology, plans are still in early stages and lack sophistication. Strategists may need to take some time to identify where the cloud best fits within their organization and how to accommodate the operational challenges associated with company-wide adoption.

The technology industry has shown growing interest in software as a service in particular, according to a recent Midsize Insider article. The SaaS market is expanding faster than IaaS, and, according to the article, this is partially due to the more dramatic impact SaaS can have on business operations.

“SaaS solutions could be making a significant difference in how businesses handle challenges associated with business analytics, BYOD, human capital management (HCM), and customer relationship management (CRM),” the article stated.


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