Auto Industry Hopping onto the Cloud Bandwagon


In late August, Europe’s top-rated automotive industry market, AutoScout24, announced its plan to transition the company’s online databases to the cloud. The auto giant will use cloud services for its workshop portal and will virtualize more than half of its servers.

“We require flexible resources, because our markets change every day,” Joachim Rath, head of AutoScout24 IT’s production, said in a statement. “The joint offering from VMware and T-Systems enables us to move spare capacity between the private cloud and the hybrid cloud as required.”

The company joined a long list of automakers to implement cloud services, and the rest likely aren’t far behind.

According to CloudTweaks, such a move is inevitable for auto companies for three main reasons: integration, the manufacturer’s relationship with customers and auto “infotainment.”

Infotainment in particular will have the largest effect on consumers. The blog listed GPS, vehicle tracking and mobile access as three areas cloud computing will be most prevalent.

In addition, CloudTweaks also noted innovation, energy consumption, and testing and development as areas the cloud will help the industry improve. Cloud-based software, according to the blog, will be an invaluable tool for engineers and architects to create new software and designs for cars.

On September 8, General Motors announced it was opening an IT Innovation Center in Austin, Texas – the first of four such centers the company plans to open in the coming years.