47 percent of business data stored in the cloud


Digital data volume has expanded rapidly in both the consumer and enterprise space. This rapid explosion of content has been in part driven by cloud computing and the proliferation of smartphones and tablets. Business users store applications and important corporate data on mobile devices, which can then be backed up and protected in the cloud. Security software vendor Symantec recently announced the release of its Digital Information Index, which provided some insight regarding the cloud’s impact on data storage.

The company’s research confirmed that corporate assets are extending outside of office walls, with 46 percent of business data stored outside of internal IT infrastructures. The data explosion doesn’t come without challenges, particularly with critical information being stored on mobile devices. Symantec analysts noted more than 25 percent of survey respondents have experienced challenges due to modern technology. Lost or stolen devices, storage utilization and difficulty in finding specific information were top concerns among respondents.

“Businesses are undergoing a transformation unlike anything we’ve seen before,” said Francis deSouza, group president, enterprise products and services at Symantec. “With mobile devices and cloud giving employees access to information from nearly anywhere, we’re also seeing more sensitive information living beyond the traditional IT boundaries.”

With the considerable amount of mission-critical information entering online database software, organizations must be sure to efficiently manage their data. In an October Data Center Journal article, industry expert Bill Kleyman highlighted several considerations businesses should make as they deal with “cloud sprawl.” He suggested that it is important to adopt hardware-agnostic solutions to support the high level of flexibility the cloud affords and adopt a clear plan for information governance to avoid out-of-control cloud storage costs.


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