Is the United States Lagging Behind in the Citizen Developer Movement?


As reported by CIO Magazine, the US lags behind countries in emerging markets when it comes to embracing the Consumerization of IT trend, according to a survey conducted by the Accenture Institue of High Performance. It’s hard not to overlook the irony in these findings given most of these technologies were developed right here in the good old U-S of A.

A key question asked amongst respondents in various countries was whether they planned to use Consumer IT applications for work purposes more often from now on. Twenty percent of US respondents and 11 percent of respondents in Japan said they planned to whereas 67 and 56 percent of respondents in China and India affirmed this. Seems a little backwards to me.

As more and more technology power finds its way into the hands of everyday office workers, it will be interesting to see if the mindset of US workers and businesses change.


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