Turkeys and TrackVia


Earlier this week, a colleague tossed out a challenge: “I bet you can’t come up with a blog post that ties Thanksgiving and TrackVia?”

How could I possibly resist a challenge like that? So here it goes……

Every year my wife and I struggle with the same Thanksgiving Day dilemma: Do we buy a Thanksgiving Day meal from the store or do we do it ourselves at home? While my wife is a fantastic cook, the truth is that a professional chef or cook knows far more about preparing a Thanksgiving Day meal than we do.

Despite that, we almost always do it ourselves. But why?

First, it’s fun and gratifying. There’s nothing quite like admiring your work after slaving away for hours in the kitchen. Second, we can prepare the meal exactly the way we want it. And in our household, that’s important. My daughter hates onions, while I like them. Celery in the stuffing is fine by my daughter, but not my son. My wife loves beets, and I think they’re gross. Knowing all this allows my wife and I to prepare the menu and meal exactly for our family.

Although this is somewhat of a stretch, I think this Thanksgiving Day meal example is analogous to our TrackVia solution. Many of our customers use TrackVia to build their own CRM applications or support tracking applications or even applications to track projects. Of course, there’s no shortage of professionally developed solutions in each of those categories. But as good as those solutions may be on paper in terms of features and functionality, they often fall short of fulfilling each customer’s exact individual needs. And so they decide to do it themselves using TrackVia to build it exactly the way they want it.

Again, it’s not a perfect analogy. But you try coming up with a blog post that covers both Thanksgiving and TrackVia. Trust me, it’s not easy!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


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