TrackVia Announces New Features, Scalable Capabilities and Pricing Structure


We’re excited to announce a new version of the TrackVia solution, with new and innovative tools, features and pricing to help business professionals with little or no programming experience design and build custom business applications.

The new TrackVia features include:

  • Notifications that can be assigned to specific events
  • Bulk editing and deleting
  • In-cell editing for expanded spreadsheet capabilities
  • Cross-table formulas, allowing users to perform instant calculators across linked tables

This new version also offers improved navigation, importing with cross-table linking, and expanded administration features – all designed to give a growing class of Citizen Developers the tools that are needed to create custom business apps that allow them to manage tasks, departments and businesses.

We’re also rolling out an updated pricing structure. The Express, Pro and Platform pricing lets us customize our solution to meet the varying needs of business users and organizations. This new value-based structure also allows us to offer user discounts as companies grow, and easy upgrades so that users can scale the solution over time.

We designed this version to not only streamline workflows for a multitude of business users, but also to do so at a scale that meets their needs at varying stages. Whether you need simple apps, to collaborate with a team, or manage an entire business, we have a solution to match that demand, and we’ve made it simple and cost-effective to upgrade to expanded capabilities as your needs grow.

The new version comes on the heels of the release of our recent report on the rise of the Citizen Developer, which found that not only are an increasing number of people opting to create custom business applications, but that those doing so are advancing farther and faster in their careers. Check out the report here.

For more information on the newest version, read the release notes here. For detailed pricing, visit the TrackVia pricing page.