Feeling Empowered to Create Our Own Business Applications


We keep hearing time and time again that business people believe if they had the skill set, they could build better solutions than what IT is offering them. But, they lack the ability to code, or they don’t have a strong background in architecting data models, so they sit back, sigh, and continue using subpar software.

In a Harvard Business Review blog, Judi Glickman talks about confidence being a numbers game, and mostly highlights women as being overly critical of their lack of skill set, rather than focusing on what they do know.

… The men rounded up, often lobbying for the job when they had a mere 50% of the stated qualifications (not even 51%!) while the women with 75% of the skills needed, took themselves out of the running. The men, masters of rounding up, had given themselves a chance, while the women, more qualified than any of them, had simply bowed out.”

This issue doesn’t only apply to women in the job force; it also comes into play with business users wanting to create new solutions. People look at all the features TrackVia has to offer and may think to themselves “I don’t know how to link a hierarchy of tables” or “I don’t know how to write a concatenate function” and so they turn away. But the beauty of TrackVia lies in our support. If you have even a 50% idea of what you need your app to do, we can fill in the gaps. And if you’re only able to describe 60% of the problems you have with your current solution, we can help with that too. It’s important to round up and recognize that identifying a problem and seeking a solution is already half the job.

In the words of Glickman, “Here’s where I think women get it wrong: we are perpetually rounding down, where, by all rules of mathematics, we should be rounding up.” You may think that you can only build 50% of an application – and the rest you have no idea. That’s what our solutions architects are for.

Give yourself a chance and start rounding up. You may find that you are able to build more of a solution than you gave yourself credit for. And if not, our team is here to pick up where you left off.

I know after reading Glickman’s blog I realized I’m guilty of rounding myself down. Have you ever been guilty of doing the same?



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