TrackVia’s Most Intriguing Applications of the Year


It’s that time of year again when we celebrate and announce our list of “Most Intriguing Applications” of 2012. Mind you, this is no small task. Our customers have literally created thousands and thousands of unique applications. Some are one-of-a-kind, while others are custom, tailored versions of popular applications for tracking sales, projects, inventory and more.

While it’s a lot of work, it’s also one of the more rewarding projects here at TrackVia, since  we get to see first hand how business users are using TrackVia’s online database to create some pretty killer, intriguing applications.

This year’s list of Most Intriguing Applications include:

  • Data Never Tasted – or Looked – So Good: A Chicago based company uses TrackVia to help schedule and coordinate liquor tasting events and other promotional activities for its clients. The company also used TrackVia to build a custom database and online form to accept applications from aspiring marketing spokespeople and models.
  • The Art and Science of Parking lots: A New Orleans-based parking company built a custom software to track all aspects of their parking and valet-service company. From monitoring real-time capacity of more than a dozen parking facilities throughout the city to tracking real-time pricing of competitor lots, this company relies on TrackVia’s powerful, automated and customizable reporting features to give them a competitive edge. It’s working too. In just a few years, the company has become the single largest provider of public parking for downtown New Orleans.
  • Faster, Better News: Even technology reporters need some technology help from time to time. Rather than emailing stories around to be edited and re-edited and even published, a popular San Francisco-based online magazine used TrackVia to build its own customer database application to streamline its online publishing process. Everyone from freelance writers to in-house editors, web-page designers and even the publisher utilize TrackVia to review, edit, and publish its online stories.
  • Right Patient, Right Doctor, Right Time: A world-renown physician – who has no formal IT or software development training – working in a Bronx-based hospital built a highly sophisticated system to track every single patient encounter or interaction with the hospital, ranging from routine visits to scheduling life-saving surgeries. As a result, doctors can easily few an entire patients history with the hospital from a single dashboard screen within TrackVia.
  • Giving Life: Two separate medical organizations – one based in Colorado and the other in Nevada – use TrackVia to track medical organ donations made through their healthcare organizations. Data collected is instantly synchronized with several national databases in order to streamline the linking of organs with patient recipients.
  • Drag Racing & Wet T-shirt Competitions: A national drag racing organization needed a fast and easy to use solution to not only track and manage its events across the country, but also something to track and manage event contests. Believe it or not, there simply wasn’t an off-the-shelf solution to do this. So they used TrackVia to build a one-of-a-kind database application to track both.
  • Greener Homes: A local government organization from Greensboro used TrackVia to track and schedule government-funded energy efficient home projects.  In addition to keeping projects on time and on budget, TrackVia’s built-in user-permission feature allows city officials to share access with the hundreds of non-government employee contractors working on projects throughout the city.
  • Memoirs of Notable Science Figures: A national science organization built their own unique database application to track, manage and share memoirs from famous Science figures in world history.
  • Tracking 4-Minute Milers: A world-class professional long-distance running organization created a custom database application to track past and upcoming events, best running times and records and even prizes won from their members.



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