TrackVia Quick Filters: Find Answers FAST!


If you are anything like me you are on a constant quest to get answers. What is our customer growth rate? What is our projected revenue for the year? And why the heck don’t Apple Jacks taste like apples? Whatever puzzles you, we want you to get an answer and get it fast. Introducing TrackVia quick filters… 

The name says it all—quickly filter your data to get the answer you need, when you need it. Whether you need to make a quick list of open projects or filter an existing report by a certain account rep, our new quick filters can handle it. You can add a filter to any view, and the view will update automatically as you add additional filters. TrackVia will remember the filters for you until you clear them or leave the application. This feature is available on the Web (mobile coming soon) to all account plans and all users!

TrackVia Quick Filters in action

Hopefully you can trust that we spent more time on the Quick Filters feature than I did on this GIF (I’m such a newb).


So while Quick Filters may not give you a definitive answer as to why the dinosaurs went extinct or tell you if Santa Claus is real, I bet it will make your life super awesome. Let us know if you need a hand. We’re here to help! You can leave a comment below, or check out this how-to article on for more info.